Misc Unsigned Bands - After Dark - Californian Oj tab

Written by Steven Waldron              performed by After Dark 

You may not have heard of this band, as they are basicly unknown.
there hometown is totnes, devon, england and they are showing great promise for the
future. this is their most popular song written by guitarist steven waldron.

Intro – G Em Am D

Chorus – G
	 I was in a prison on the coast
 And the thing I really missed the most
	 Am                         D
	 Californian (Californian), OJ (OJ)

Verse 1 – G
	 It started out, I was 16
	 I was in a club and drinking like a teen
	 Then, I saw it, it was orange bright
  Am                         D
	 Californian (Californian), OJ (OJ)

Bridge – G Em Am D G Em Am D G
Solo (played along side drums) –

E -------0-3-0-3-------------------------------3------ 1 B -----------------0-3-0-3------3-----0---3----3------ 2G --0------------------------0-----3------------------ 3D ---------------------------------------------------- 4A ---------------------------------------------------- 5E ---------------------------------------------------- 6
Verse 2 - Em The ‘drink’ I called it, Am Addictive it was, D Broke me (broke me) Chorus Bridge Verse 3 -C My money was skint, D I had no choice, Am I robbed the bank 70 twice, D And court I was, So that’s how I ended up in a… Chorus (till fade) Bb/A Bb/G Bb/F
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