Misc Unsigned Bands - Imperial Reign - Heres To You tab

Chord chart

Verse 1
C                                             G
    heres to the girl, who kept me outta the crosshairs
                         Am                                 F     D   A B C
    who kept me from all my fears, and still she dragged me down_____
                                          G                           Am
    I proved her wrong, shes drownin in a river, made from all of her tears
                     F      D   A B C 
    She have kept me around_______

Verse 2

C                                            G
    Here's to the friends who said I'd never make it
                   D                       F     D    A B C
    and I couldn't take it, I wont let you down________
                                             G G
    And every thing that you told me to do.
                                                      D D
    I took those words and I threw them back at you
                                             F F
    I don't know how but I made it somehow
    So shut your mouth I dont wanna hear shit from you


/C    /EFG /EFC  / EFG  /EFC   / EFD   /ABC   /

             C           G         C            G            
    heres to you, I made it, and I proved I got what it takes
              C         G               C            D                 C
    fuck the school, im finnished, say goodbie, look out world, here I come

Verse 3
                 C             G        Am 
    heres to the note for my dad, sayn' meet your newist high school grad.
           C                G               D                             C
    and im sad you couldn't make it. Had to work,fuck that stupid gay-ass job

G                   Am     G                    G     Am       F 
    You should have known. That your lies would never gain foothold


song order

verse 1
verse 2
verse 3
Chorus 2x 1st time PM. 2nd time crank it up
verse 2
chorus to fade out
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