Misc Unsigned Bands - Vonogon - Fade Away tab

This is by an unsigned band but is good cuz i'm the guitarist lol

E|-------------------------------------------| Intro/Chorus B|-------------------------------------------| G|9------------------------------------------| D|9------------------------------------------| X8 A|7-7-9-10---7-9-10-0-7-9-10----10-9-7-------| E|---------8-----------------10--------------|
E|-------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------------| G|9-9xxxxx-----------------------------------| D|9-9xxxxx-10-10xxxxx-7-7xxxxx-12-12xxxxx----| X4 A|7-7xxxxx-10-10xxxxx-7-7xxxxx-12-12xxxxx----| E|----------8--8xxxxx-5-5xxxxx-10-10xxxxx----|
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