Misc Unsigned Bands - Whim - A Ballsy Effort tab

Wow what a great song!!! Whim are such a good band, and the lead singer Dave is the man!! Enjoy!!

Intro/ Verse: 

e|--3*----1*----0*----0*-------|B|--3-----1-----1-----1--------|G|--4-----2-----2-----0--------| x4D|--5-----3-----2-----2--------|A|--------------0-----3--------|E|-----------------------------|
* = x 1 bar with staccated rhythm Pre-Chorus: G F Am C
e|--3-----1-----0-----0--------| Each chord x 8B|--3-----1-----1-----1--------|G|--4-----2-----2-----0--------| x4D|--5-----3-----2-----2--------|A|--------------0-----3--------|E|-----------------------------|
Chorus: G Dm Am F C G E E x2 Chords: G It was rainin', F On the ball night, Am The ride was boring, C But it 'twas right, G The hype was huge, F The suits expensive, Am Whether it was worth it, C We remain pensieve. Chorus: G Dm It was rainin', Am F On the Ball night, C G The Ride was boring, E But it was all woah-oh-oh right! Whim ! forever!
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