Misc Unsigned Bands - Xoxo Panda - Boys And Girls Good tab

		  boys and girls good... - xoxo, panda
Tabbed by: mella
Email: ludere_tragicus@yahoo.com

Tuning: Standard

There's really only two riffs in the whole song... One is just repeated over and over
over in the verse. The other one is used in the choruses. Oh, and I know the lyrics at the
aren't accurate. I couldn't find them anywhere so they're just what I heard. Feel free 
comment what they are if you find them.

RIFF 1 (INTRO/VERSES)e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|----4----------------------------------------------------------------------|A|--5-----5-----2---4--------------------------------------------------------|E|------5-----3---5----------------------------------------------------------|
RIFF 2 (CHORUSES)e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|----0---0-----0---0-----4--------------------------------------------------|A|----------------------5-----5-----2---4------------------------------------|E|--7---7-----5---5---------5-----3---5--------------------------------------|
VERSE1: I start each day off the same Stretching out my panda arms Reaching for a guitar to play But now my best friend's at my feet I can tell by the tiny cries It's time for us to eat We shuffle to that old wood stove I put on a pot of tea Fill up both our bowls Since we have no place to go We bow our sleepy heads Clap along to the radio CHORUS: It goes Tra la la la la la la la Tra la la la la la la VERSE2: I left my heart down by the shore I don't care if she gives it or not It's not mine anymore It's a broken seashell marked "I'm away" Where we figured that we were married Hopes to get a better rate And as we laid there at night I had to remind myself She was not really my wife But I got to finally hear her sing Half of me broke down and cried The other half fell right to sleep CHORUS: She went Tra la la la la la la la Tra la la la la la la VERSE3: My brother lives on 14th and church His hands hold so much joy His heart is filled with so much hurt He falls in love with everyone that he meets I guess that's what it is That makes him just like me Through the years we've both seen Our fair share of change We've had some victories Mostly we just made mistakes He's got a piano tune he made Even though he wrote it as a child It's still a hit today CHORUS: It goes Tra la la la la la la la Tra la la la la la la VERSE4: I've got a little house up north It's not the biggest home But I paid what it's worth Right now it's just a place to keep my books And since I hardly read I guess it's just there for looks One day three schedules will align Finally boys and girls Will be at the same damn place At the same damn time With our voices, hearts, and strings We'll fill those tiny rooms With so much love we'll just have to sing CHORUS: Tra la la la la la la la Tra la la la la la la Tra la la la la la la la Tra la la la la la la END Enjoy! ===============================================================================
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