Misc Unsigned Bands - Holden Lager - Actions For Love tab

i am 13 years old and i am trying to just learn how to sing and play with
this song and i am willing to take any suggestions
i also have no guitar teacher so i have o learn on my own

I am still editing the song. this is my 1st song and i only made it chords
so it is a little easyer but it should be up and ready with all my other
tabbed parts.
normal tunning(E B G D A E)

/-strum up
\-strum down

When you play the chords,
strum it a couple times
almost like this \ /\ /\/

(1 stroke per cord fot only this part)

PART 1 G5 Cadd9 D 5E-3---------------|3----------------|2----------------|3-----------------|B-3---------------|3----------------|3----------------|3-----------------|G-0---------------|0----------------|2----------------|0-----------------|D-0---------------|2----------------|0----------------|0-----------------|A-2---------------|3----------------|x----------------|2-----------------|E-3---------------|x----------------|x----------------|3-----------------|
PART 2 G5 C G5E-3---------------|0----------------|-3----------------|-2---------------|B-3---------------|1----------------|-3----------------|-3---------------|G-0---------------|0----------------|-0----------------|-2---------------|D-0---------------|2----------------|-0----------------|-0---------------|A-2---------------|3----------------|-2----------------|-x---------------|E-3---------------|x----------------|-3----------------|-x---------------|
SOLOISH KINDA THING E C F#7 DE-0---------------|-0---------------|-0----------------|-2---------------|B-0---------------|-1---------------|-1----------------|-3---------------|G-0---------------|-0---------------|-2----------------|-2---------------|D-2---------------|-2---------------|-2----------------|-0---------------|A-2---------------|-3---------------|-x----------------|-x---------------|E-x---------------|-x---------------|-x----------------|-x---------------|
OUTRO get a little slower every stroke back to normal speed VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV ^^^^^^ G5 Cadd9 (strum these just how is shown)E-3---------------|3----------------|2-0-2-02020--0---|3-----3-----------|B-3---------------|3----------------|3-0-3-03030--0---|3-----3-----------|G-0---------------|0----------------|2-0-2-02020--0---|0-----0-----------|D-0---------------|2----------------|0-0-0-00000--0---|0-----0-----------|A-2---------------|3----------------|x-x-x-xxxxx--x---|2-----2-----------|E-3---------------|x----------------|x-x-x-xxxxx--x---|3-----3-----------|
WHEN YOU PLAY THE PARTS, PLAY IT THROUGH THE WHOLE COLOM LYRICS / ORDER INTRO I donít mean to take ones girL------------PART 1 I donít want to fake my world And I have been accused of all that Because of my actions in love I heard it all before---------------------PART 2 So donít knock down my door Iím a loser and a user So I donít need no accuser To come and slow me down Because I know your right And I wonít put up a fight So ill stay our of your sight As I talk to your girl I come to talk and thatís all I do--------PART 3 But once I take that one turn Itís all over for me I am coming down With my world upside down Losing another friend Because of those ways I talk To his girl I donít mean to take ones girl------------PART 1 I donít want to fake my world And I have taken the turn Now I will take that referral For my actions for love I am taking that wrong turn---------------PART 2 I lost it and it wonít come back I must stay away I will stow away Cant talk, cant look Before I lose another friend As I am accused For more and more And it wonít stop Until I stop talken to that girl PART 3 x2 SOLO I donít mean to take ones girl-----------PART 1 I donít want to lose my world Iím a loser and a user And I donít need no accuser To try and slow me down Because I know your right And I wonít put up a fight So Iíll stay out of your sight As I talk to your girl I have given up--------------------------PART 3 I have no luck Rejected and neglected As I come down With my world upside down What did I do wrong,---------------------PART 3 Talking to this girl I lost that world within me And my friend couldnít trust me Because of my actions for love Itís all gone----------------------------PART 2 I lost that one And there are more to come As I talk to that girl And I lose my world I donít mean to take ones girl\ 1st time-PART 1 I donít want to fake my world \ Now I canít talk \ after you play this colom once, As I take this referral - 2x play For my actions for love________/ PART 3 2x SOLO 2nd time-PART 1 outro if you have anything that my make this song better e-mail me at - crazydud@cox.net with the subject - Ultimate Guitar-My Actions for Love
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