Misc Unsigned Bands - 13 Ways - Queen Of Hearts tab

Intro/Fill - Bass on guitare|--------|B|--------|G|--------|D|--------|A|------13|E|553311--| X2
Chorus e|--------||--------||--------||--------| B|55555555||33333333||11111111||11111111| G|66666666||44444444||22222222||22222222| D|77777777||55555555||33333333||33333333| A|77777777||55555555||33333333||33333333| E|55555555||33333333||11111111||11111111| x4 Intro/fill Drum and bass (2) Verse drum bass and guitar (8) Chorus drum bass guitar (4) Order. Intro verse chorus fill verse chorus fill verse chorus fill.
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