Misc Unsigned Bands - Sandaal - Hard Childhood tab

Hard Childhood in a small class
An unpopular kid
Everyday after school
He sit's confused

He hadn't talked to a girl in two years
And his watery eyes
Hide behind glasses
Thick and round

Dm          Am
His only friends were the numbers
Bb           F
Together they passed hard times
Bbm           F
And so the childhood passes by
A              Bb
A sad boy with a casio in his hand

Xylophone solo:

e -13-17-17-17 X3 e -15-13-15

There was this girl popular and pretty
And her eyes were blue
Every brake he saw her
And dreamt dreames

so one day to her he came
he asked how she were
looked into her eyes in an excited look
she slapped him the whore

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