Misc Unsigned Bands - Levin - In Love With Lush tab

Nice easy, yet awesome song from Levin. 

AG= Acoustic Guitar

|--------------------|---------------------| |----------0h1--------|----------0h1---------| |------2---------2----|------0---------0-----| |----2---2-----2---2--|----2---2-----2---2---| |--0------------------|--3-------------------| |--------------------|---------------------|
AG: Am (x2) C (x2)
|--------------------|---------------------| |---------0h3--------|--------0h1----------| |------0--------0----|---------------------| |----0--0-----0---0--|-----3--------3------| |--------------------|---3---3----3---3----| |--3-----------------|-1-------------------|
AG: G (x2) F (x2) Do this during the whole song. After one time, Lieven starts singing. Enjoy! Ramone
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