Misc Unsigned Bands - Finding Noah - Beautiful One tab

Beautiful One- C
Jacques Du Bruyn 2005

Intro: Am F G
Am               F                      G          Am     Am                        G               
Changed by love now, Taken from the miry clay of this world
   Am        F                        G         Am      F                    G
I walk by faith now, Knowin you will set my feet on a rock

Am/D                F     Am/D                  F
On the dawn of day, Make me new in every way

F       C     G                  Am
Take my heart Beautiful One
               F            C
Beautiful One I’m Yours
F       C         G                               Am              
Light of the world You shine like the sun
               F         C
You live inside of me

          Am         F                        G       Am  F                G           
When troubled times come, I will always sing a new song
Am             F                        G        Am   F                   G
Love never failing, My name is in the palm of Your hand

     Am/D         F
Let everyday I live
       Am                 F
Give glory to Your name

Am            F              C         G
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful one
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