Misc Unsigned Bands - The Bogrolls - Two Fat Slags tab

			     Two Fat Slags - The Bogrolls

Tabbed by: Dr Winston O' Boogie
Tuning: EADGBe
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Dm  Am  G  Gm
F  Bb   F    Bb  C

Two fat slags are watching me
and my mate grohl on holidee
I think they're fat and so does he
           Bb                   Bbm
so we both agree to keep our distance

Lets all dance and have a pee
over what you are about to see
it's time to deny Sarah B
       Bb                             Bbm                  C7   
cos her and her flippin mates are minging

F            C
Two fat slags
Dm        Am
Two fat slags
Dm            Am                  C
Two fat slags keep on stalking us

F            C
Two fat slags
        Dm                        Am
It's time to pack our bags
                  Dm       Am                   C                     C7
cos these big fat slags keep on stalking us

The first is minging shes so wide
that when she's in she's still outside
she asked me out but got denied
cos i simply lied and told her im taken

The others ginger just like nohl
but she's so fat and way too old
shes always filling her cakehole                    C7
with what she stole from out of the kitchen drawer

(Chorus again then outro is same as intro)

Awesome song!
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