Misc Unsigned Bands - The Cuts - Minimum Wage tab

Quality tune from unsigned band The Cuts.


Intro, B, G, F#, x3

Out last night, drop us at the next right,
G                         F#
There you go mate, cheers for skipping that red light.

Intro x 1

Waited in line, the bouncer was alright,
G                        F#
He wanted I.D, but said "fuck it, go on by"

Intro x 1

Minimum Wage, so minimum effort,
F#                                 B
Minimum wage, so minimum effort he sighed.

intro x 2

Seen this girl and yeah she looked alright,
G                      F#
Knew I'd try buy her a drink by the end of the night.

intro x 1

Got in a taxi, realised you'd called me,
F#                           F#
Tried to send a text but had no more credit left.

intro x1 1


Intro x 2

Woken up now, can't remember a thing,
G                    F#
Doin' the ring-round had too many drinks.

intro x1
Back to work again, the boss is a pain,
G                    F#
Expectancies far too high for this pay

Intro x 1

Chorus x 1.5

there yeee goooo
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