Misc Unsigned Bands - Sweet Honesty - The Hospital Song tab

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CHORUS: When you get out of the hospital Please let me back into your life I didnít mean to hurt you so And I never wanna see you go. VERSE: When you get out of the hospital Please let me back into your life I found these words written on the wall: Permanent marker in a bathroom stall. In the john only down the hall ĎCause you know how it is when duty calls. BRIDGE: White tile floors. Surgically clean wooden doors. Hospitals with eleven floors. You couldnít ask for more. CHORUS x2 I didnít mean to hurt you that night, But you still know I love you, right? Just because I pushed you down the stairs, It doesnít mean that I donít care. END (spoken) Canít you take a joke, baby?
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