Misc Unsigned Bands – Shag Carpet Vixens - You Can Never Be Old And Wise If You Were Never Young And Crazy tab


Strum the A chord twice then play the solo, then strum the C chord twice and play the same goes for G and D chords.Solo:E-------------------|B--0-2-5-2-0-5-0-2--|G-------------------|D-------------------|A-------------------|E-------------------|
[Asus] [G] They try to tell you what to do [Asus] [G] Think you're a good girl They don't have a clue [A] [C] So, stay up late you know you'll make them all wait [E] And ya know...they wanna, oh Same solo pattern as shown above. [Asus] [G] Walk through the door ya, you're lookin' fine [Asus] [G] You've got every guy waiting in line [A] [C] So put on your skirt and go out and flirt [E] Cause you know...they're gonna, ah Chorus: [A] [C] It doesn't really matter where we go [G] [D] We're gonna live it up. And we don't move slow [A] [C] It doesn't really matter what we do [G] [D] Because we're comin up, and we're comin' for you :]
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