Misc Unsigned Bands - Pink Forks - Stoned Koala tab


e|-2----------------------0-------------0----------|b|-3----------------------0-------------1----------|g|-2----------------------0-------------2----------|d|-0----------------------2-------------2----------|a|------------------------2-------------0----------|e|------------------------0-------------0----------| there once was a koala, a stoned koala, he lived
in karamanjara, and he smoked marajoana!! chorus- (cords not tabs ) ^ ^ ^ dm x2 dm em x2 em em x3 em em x2 ^ ^ ^ am x2 am em x2 em em x3 em em x2 1. intro 2. verse 3. chorus x2 4. verse ( difffersnt words) 5.solo ( do your own we change our all the time) 6.intro. ^ means up stroke sorry about the cords for the chorus i axerdently deleted the tab for it and it took ages. this song sounds best on a aucustic guitar that is how i play ( i wrote this song) but last intro wich is the outro is play on eletric and aucustic. enjoi there will be more song by the pink forks coming!!
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