Misc Unsigned Bands - Crackers - Pussy Willow tab

Hi I'm one of the five guys that was going to send in a song by crackers. And I picked
willow" for the song I was going to tab. You may not have heard of the band Crackers
you live in our little town in Kentucky. Iwas going to send in a different song like
song called "belly" or there song called "Thats not mine" maybe some other day I'll send in

Intro:Verse play 4 times----------------------------------|----------------------------------|----------------------------------|--4---4---4---5---4---4---4---5---|----4---4---4---5---4---4---4---5-|----------------------------------|
Chorus: play 2 times-------------------------|-------------------------|-------------------------|-4-----4-----4-----5-----|---4-----4-----4-----5---|-----0-----0-----0-----0-|
repeat the whole thing 2 more times and that would be the complete song
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