Misc Unsigned Bands - Glued Soul - Mr Warpig tab

Riff 1:

d d u u d u (strum that direction)e|--2-----x--2-2-2-x--|B|--2-----x--2-2-2-x--|G|--2-----x--4-4-4-x--|D|--4-----x--4-4-4-x--|A|--4-----x--2-2-2-x--|E|--2-----x--2-2-2-x--|
Riff 2:
Intro Riff 1 4x Riff 2 1x Verse Riff 1 Hey Mr. President excuse me My name is paranoia and I'm free Would you mind if I sit down? Riff 2 Riff 1 Just smile dont frown I'm here to authorize a new war So what your waiting for Riff 2 Chorus E D Cardinal Point without east E D Yes that would be a feast E D B No lets blow them all away Play Intro again Verse Riff 1 Hey Mr. President keep taking Over those who learn the ABC of course your vision they cant see Riff 2 Riff 1 Is that you friend? Hello Cheney uhm Dick Meeting you is oh so fine, now let me show you mine Riff 2 Chorus Verse Riff 1 Hey Mr. President pardon me Guess you saw me before, I'm E.T. You can stop the S.E.T.I. You act like a klingon thats why See you later good bye Chorus
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