Misc Unsigned Bands - Seeds Of Rebellion - Drifting Away tab

Intro: (G-C 4x)

verse 1:(G-C)

If I only knew what could happen 
I shouldn't have told you
thinking nothing will be lost
I said I love you


You are the closest thing to nothing
All the joy and help you've given me
Now it's all gone


G          Em    C             D
I tried to speak but you won't listen
G          Em C    D
I tried to go near you
G   Em     C        D-
but you're drifting away

Verse 2(G-C)

In my eyes you're a goddess
but for you I'm already dead
mesmerized by your smile
I never left you

Refrain 2(Am-C)

Being the goddess that you are
You've been there for me
Now everything has changed

Repeat Chorus 2x


Just a mortal, not worthy of your love
I dedicate every inch of my life
For your joy
I see you everyday
But I can't feel you

Repeat Chorus


Now I'm Sorry 
I didn't mean to love you

Adlib(G-C)Keyboards & Electric Guitar

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