Misc Unsigned Bands - The Joe Pirret Experience - Scumbernauld tab

			     SCUMBERNAULD - The Joe Pirret Experience
Tabbed by: Big Joe
Email: pirret@btinternet - thejoepirretexperience@hotmail.com
Myspace: www.myspace.com/thejoepirretexperience - www.myspace.com/spft
Tuning: Standard

F                  Bb        G
Scumbie - with the alleys so grey -
F                  Bb         G
Scumbie - where it rains everyday -
F                      Bb           G
Scumbie - But I've got one thing to say -
F       N.C            G
Scumbie,    i love you anyway.

Verse 1:
G           A            C
We all want to leave you,
G                    A                     C
to a place where the sun splits the bricks,
G                  A                  C
Leave your dirty - obese burds behind,
G               A                 C
To a place with nice curvy chicks.
G                    A                       C
We'll buy us a car - we'll probably go far -
G                  A            C
Far away as we can possibly go!
G                          A                       C
But I'll always love you - think of you in sleep -
G                A                     C
And there is one thing you should know...

Verse2 (same cords as 1) :

There me nothing to - we say hate you -
Cause your towns center is the pits -
We say we want leave you -
Cause everything insides yous gone to bits.
Your 70's schemes are a crumbin -
Your new ones not selling at all -
Theres spraypaint in every underpass -
On every building, bus stop and wall.

Verse3 (same cords again) :

Carbrian looks more poland -
Some messed up european place.
Reminders of the Gyto everywhere -
Car - d boys got scars on their face.
Lacoste trackies they glisten in the moonlight -
As another house alarm goes off near by -
Some buggers off with your telly -
Some junkie stuck a blade in your eye.

Verse4 (same cords) :

Dullaturs full of morons,
Workin class who want to be upper,
Seafars full of hard casses -
fish and chips every night for their supper.
Most that i've met are a racist -
And their daddy hangs down masonic -
Mums stuck in the house, alone all day -
Drugged up on schnappes, and gin and tonic.

Verse5 (same cords) :

The Window cleaners dont clean windows - 
And the gardeners dont cut the grass.
The gangs run riot on the streets -
Yat Yat - Lemo - or Car -d ya bass.
There's a fight once a year -
Greenfaulds and our lady's
Lasts bout 5 minutes -
Police come in their mercedes.

Verse6 (same cords)

There's sh**e on every corner -
And trash on every street -
There's a fear of gettin stabbed -
In everyone you meet.
But although its got its faults -
Scumbies the place to be -
Scumbies where my family's at -
And will aways be home to me.

The End.

Song Order.

Chorus x2
Verse 1
Chorus x2
Verse 2
Chorus x2
Verse 3 
Chorus x2
Verse 4
Chorus x2
Verse 5
Chorus x2
Verse 6
Chorus x4

Finish One Stum On G on 3rd fret
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