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Siempre Fiel

Chord Diagram

G F#/A Em Ce|-x----x----x----x------|B|-3----3----3----3------|G|-0----2----0----0------|D|-0----0----2----2------|A|-2----0----2----3------|E|-3----2----0-----------|
Intro: G-F#/A-Em-C x2 Verse: G Estoy perdido F#/A Me siento solo Em C Abandonado en el vacío Clamo a ti Te necesito aquí Justo aquí En mi corazón Chorus G F#/A Eres tú quien oye mi dolor Em C El grito en mi interior, y sanas mi dolor Eres tú quien me liberará De esta soledad, quiero decirte Te amo Dios Verse Es que cada día Que estoy sin ti Es una agonía Y quiero morir No tengo nada Que perder Te necesito en mí ser Chorus Bridge: intro x2 only whit the arpeggio (listen to cd, if you want do it cuz is very I’m working on that) Chorus End whit G This is a cool song, in fact all the song is played on arpeggio on the original Cd, but a mess does that arpeggio, so I guess is more easily for you play it with the chords, song is dedicated to God, cuz is the greatest of all thing, without him we are nothing. This song is available on Cd “Tears from a Heart” of Siempre Fiel Anniversary Demo, came out to stores the last June, so get it, is a cool Cd.
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