Misc Unsigned Bands - Should I Let You Go - In Your Honor tab

Tab by Amanda, ryhtm guitar of In your honor. This is the lead guitar part of, Should I you go?. Even though I'm in the band, I dont pay attention to the lyrics so I'll get to you with those i just gotta call the singer/bass. Rythm guitar is the same only instead of doingE|--------1----------1----------1----|B|---------2----------2----------2---|G|----------3----------3----------3--|after each chord u keep going into the chord it a cool harmony. We performed this song yesterday and they gave some good reviews, and i some kid who watched us wanted this tab. It's our most popular song, so give it a try, and ENJOY.
Chorus:(strum each of these slowly so u can hear each string)E|---------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------|D|--2---2---5--9-------------------------|A|--3---2---3--7-------------------------|E|---------------------------------------|
(finish chorus strong w/ rage)
Go back to verse and repeat song lots of times
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