Misc Unsigned Bands - The Conformists - Wishin She Was Ok tab

Wishin She was Ok 
 i put em7 and c7 cuz i don't know what you call them but this is how you play it:
-0       -0  
-3       -3
-0  and  -0 
-2       -2
-2       -3
-x       -x 

Verse 1
         em7             c7
Why did you, watch them go
         em7            c7
Why did they leave us alone
Was it for attention
Well it was shown 
    c7                  Gsus                
Oh lord, where have you gone

           em        d    c
Well she dreads the sun tomorrow
         em          d        c
And she forgets what happened today
          em     d            c
There she is, swimming in her sorrows 
                 em     d            c
Wonderin what to say, wishin she was ok

Verse 2
          em7        c7
When will it pass us by
          em7                   c7 
Why can't we just leave it all behind
              dsus              Asus
We would feel better, it would seem
    C7               Gsus
Oh lord why did you leave this to me?

          em             d   c
Well she waits for that sun tomorrow
         em                d            c
But she won't forget what happened that day
         em            d          c
She has moved on from all of her sorrows
                  em   d             c      
She knows what to say, now that she's ok
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