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Horses in the Rain

Jesus Drives a Malibu


© JDM Music Publishing, 2005
Was there when this was written so I know it is correct....

Intro  (quick shuffle rhythm)
     1  2  3 + 4 + |(1) + 2 + (3) + 4 +
||:  A     G     A |        G      (D) :||

Verses 1+2  (Play the above chord progression once per line of lyrics)

	We’re doin’ okay
	But the rain never came
	Took a walk through the park
	Left the horse on the range

	Put my spoon to the heat
	But the words never came
	Put a spoon to my nose 
	But it was all the same

            1  2  3  4            1  2  3  4
|| E      | E        Eb | D     | D        Eb |

            1  2  3   4           1  2  3  4
 | E      | E         Eb |D     | D     C     ||

Verse 3

	Floated down that street
	Just trying to get free
        Turned out on my feet
        Just that monkey and me


Instrumental and Chorus (x2) (Harmonica solo)

Verses 4+5

	Kubla Khan and Xanadu 
        and a river call Alph
	Demon lovers and me
	'neath some insence tree

	Well I have to pee
	It filled my brain
	Stood still in the rain and the evening mist
	I stopped and pissed (oh yeah)

Chorus (x2)

Outro  (repeat many times)

	We’re doin’ okay
	But the rain never came
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