Misc Unsigned Bands – Sonic J - The Wrong Decision tab

Band-Sonic J
Song-The Wrong Decision

This is best freinds, brothers band-Sonic J
Big props to Jake and Jeremy Deighan, check out the site at
www.myspace.com/soniicj and www.myspace.com/sonicproductions
Thanks for correcting me Jer.


E ----------0-1-----3-----------------|B ------1-------1(1)--3---------------|G --------2-------2-------------------|D ----2-------------------------------|A --0---------------------3~----2-3---|E ----------------------3-------------| |<--- palm muted ------------------|
I don't no if you've noticed but this is by Van Halen, a song called "Ain't Talking Bout Love" Tabbed by Taz Mckell
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