Misc Unsigned Bands - Dymaxions - Hard Rock In Shallow Water tab

Do a little bit-o staccato during the chorus and some ska type stuff during the verse and it's all good. 

A            F#m            A                 F#m    
I'm going on holiday. In my mind, I'm already there, yo.
A                           F#m               Bm              
Girls I know they don't understand but all my peeps are all about it.
D                   A        F#m 
Now I'm going on a holiday
   Bm       D           A        F#m
In my mind. Going on a holiday. x2

It's one way to little out the day
Too poor to live a life of wishing
Three cheers for the (something)disorder
Bm     D    Bm       D
Hard rock in shallow waters
Bm                D
Fathers free your brothers

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