Misc Unsigned Bands - The Schwinging Sombreros - Lifeguard tab

Song: Lifeguard
Band: The Schwinging Sombreros
Album: Lifesaving: The Hits 05/06

Riff 1 e|--------3-----------------3-------| B|----------3---3-------------3---3-| G|------------0-----------0-----0---| D|------0---------------2-----------| A|----2---------------3-------------| E|--3-------------------------------|
Riff 1 x 4 Play riff 1 all through Verse 1: I knew a lifeguard; His name was Frank. He once saved my life in the swimming pool. I slipped over, fell into the water, And I couldn't swim.
Riff 2 e|--3-----------------0--------0(Hit---------------| B|--2(strum--3(strum--0(strum--0-once-----3(strum--| G|--0-a-few--2-a-few--2-a-few--2-while----2-a-few--| D|--0-times)-0-times)-2-times)-3-playing--0-times)-| A|--3--------3--------3--------3-previous-3--------| E|--3--------3--------3--------3-chord)---3--------|
Play riff 2 all through the rest of the song, starting at the Chorus: And I would have died, If it hadn't have been For Frank. Frank the Lifeguard. Miscellaneous improvised Lifeguard-related lyrics until the end of the song. It's all easy to work out if you listen to the song. To contact me, email thelifesavingcrew@hotmail.com
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