Misc Unsigned Bands - Kaelah And Morgan Green-love Makes No Sense tab

We've been searching for the cure. Have we found it I'm not quite sure. This moment been waiting all my life. If you loved me then I'd be surprised. Everyday I was thinking of you. But little did I know you thought of me too. Drastic were taken. In loving you I thought I was mistaken.
I stare deep into your eyes. Wondering should I confess all the lies. We want a love that can be shared. To carry on from year to year to year. You were in the arms of someone else. But you loved me more than you loved life itself. We searched and we finally found the cure. But will it last forever I'm not sure.
chorus..We have come so far and we discovered it. Those thoughts ran through my mind the that we first kissed. The possibilities that I'd end up with you. I never knew my and thoughts would ever come true.
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