Misc Unsigned Bands - Free Beer - Just Friends tab

This is an original written by me and my bassist
Copyright Bitter Pills Music 2006

Chords used in this song:
E           Em9-aug5(i think)     A(type I)  B
x79xxx      x69xxx                x02xxx     x24xxx

D           A(type II)     G
x57xxx      57xxxx         35xxxx

Bass leads in to intro riff

Introe|--------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------| play twiceD|99999999-99999999--99--9--------------|A|77777777-66666666--00--0-0607060------|E|--------------------------------------|
Versee|--------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------------------------------------|D|99999999-99999999-22222222-44444444---------------------------------|A|77777777-66666666-00000000-22222222---------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------|PM...............................(slowly release on B)
Verse Lyrics and chord patterns Verse 1 E Em9-aug5 A You say you wanna be just friends B You tell me every day E Em9-aug5 A But by the look in your eyes B I know you're lyin through your teeth Verse 2 E Em9-aug5 A When you said those words to me B I froze up like a nail that rusts E Em9-aug5 A I'll love you forever more B Til my heart is ground to dust Pay intro riff twice Chorus(same as verse riff, but no PM) E Em9-aug A I don't wanna be just friends B Hey, can't you see E Em9-aug5 A That everytime you say those words B You kill a little part of me E Em9-aug5 A And I don't wanna be just friends B Hey, listen baby E Em9-aug5 A I just wanna hold you in my arms B For all eternity
Bridge(go straight in form chorus)e|--------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------------------------------------|3xD|77777777-------------------44444444---------------------------------|A|55555555-77777777-55555555-22222222---------------------------------|E|---------55555555-33333333------------------------------------------|
Play intro riff twice Verse 3 E Em9-aug5 A I can't believe you said those words B After all that we've been through E Em9-aug5 A I gave you all I had to give B You broke the heart I gave to you Then play chorus and then the intro riff twice then it's a choir like thing over some AHHHs four times play each chord from the verse one time(E Em9-aug5 A B), do that whole thing three times on the fourth time, end on the A
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