Misc Unsigned Bands - Article 48 - Suddenly tab

Article48 - Suddenly
Capo - 2nd fret
Yuning - standard (EADGBe)

e|--------------------------------------------------------------|B|----8-----8-----7-----7-----8-----8-----10-----10-------------|G|------0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0------0------0-----------|D|--0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0------0------0---------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------| x2
G Em C D Verse 1 G Em C D You came up in my dreams again last night G Em C D You looked so fukin hot you looked so tight G Em C D I undressed you with my eyes G Em C D and i hoped to god that you bought my lies Chorus Em C G D And suddenly im finding it hard to speak Em C G D And suddenly your making it hard to breathe Repeat Same for the 2nd verse and chorus Interlude (softly pick chords) G Em C D Chorus X2 www.article48.piczo.com www.myspace.com/xarticle48 article48
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