Misc Unsigned Bands – Journey To The Center Of The Sun - Triangles tab

By Journey to the Center of the Sun (http://www.myspace.com/centerofthesun)
Tabbed by Van Anderson (ninepointeightone@gmail.com)
Tabbed from live shows as well as listening to the Mirros EP.


The basic structure of the song is:

intro (x1)
[a]x3 [b]

verse (x3)
[a]x3 [c]

[b] [d] [a]

the bridge thing is pretty much the same as the chorus.

[a] NOTE: when the is played in the chorus, you also play a (54030) right after the G.

   C   C  G

[b] NOTE: When this is played in the chorus, you play an Em-(022030) instead of a Dadd2add4. G G/F# Dadd2add4
[c] C C Dadd2add4
[d] C C/B Am
[e] C C G Dadd2add4
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