Misc Unsigned Bands - Treviso - Theory Of Evolution Chords tab

This is a song of my band:

Intro: Em B G Em
Verse: Em B G Em
Bridge: Em F# A B
Chorus: Em C A B

Intro x2

Verse 1:

Em             B
  Why can't we see?
G                   Em
  That the curtain's closing on me?
Em              B
  Could this be real?
G              Em
  Is any of it true at all?


Em            F#               A
  The path I walk, the path I talk
  Slaps me in the face
Em         F#           A
  Isn't there, another way
  Another way to your grace?


Em             C
  Let's revolve, let's evolve
A              B
  Let's form a revolution
Em             C
  Let's revolve, let's evolve
A                B
  This theory of evolution

Verse 2:

 Why can't we breathe?
 We suffocate our insides
 Are we just blind?
 When the light fills the floor




Em C B A# Dsus2 x2
Em F# A B x2


Chorus x2 (second time has bridge chord progression)

Outro (same as intro)
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