Misc Unsigned Bands – Infomaniacs - Crash And Burn tab

Ok so this is the first tab I've done on a song that I just wrote for my band, 
We are a grunge band with punk and metal Influences so we hope you will consider listening to us. 
can find us at www.myspace.com/infomaniacs

Crash And Burn!
This is pretty much the whole song because there is no solo and its just the same riff 
and over again except this transitional thing between chorus and verse. This song is 
fast but hey it's only a two and a half minute song.
Drop-D Tuning -
Low Volume Clean/Low Distortion except on chorus High Volume Clean/Heavy Distortion
High Volume/Heavy DistortionE------------------------------------------|B------------------------------------------|G------------------------------------------|D------0-2-4-2-0---0-2-4-6-4-2-0-----------|A-----0---------0-0-------------0----------|D----0-----------0---------------0---------|
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