Misc Unsigned Bands - At Home In Hell - The Other Me tab

I am re-submitting this tab because i just missed the palm mute the second time it 
only be palm muted three times.

This is a local heavy metal band. They are tuned to low b like a seven string without
bottom string so it would be B E A D G b. This is my first tab so please leave a comment

palm mute- p.m.

b----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|G----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|D----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|A-------------------2--3~~~-------------------------2--3~~~------------------------|x4E---2-2-2-----1--2----------1--------2-2-2----1--2---------------------------------|B---0-0-0----------------------------0-0-0-----------------------1-----------------|p.m.----- p.m.----------------------------------------------|
Their c.d. is available at the Hastings in Great Falls, Montana. It is self titled At In Hell and your support would be appreciated.
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