Misc Unsigned Bands - Christmas Morning - Longshot Jackpot tab

I'm pretty sure this tab is correct, any mistakes please email to Sly_Guy_16@hotmail.com


e|-----------------------------------------------------------------|B|-----3----3---------3-----3---------3-----3---------3----3-------|G|---0----0-----0---0-----0-----0---0-----0-----0---0-----0----0---|D|------------0---2-----0---------------------0---2-----0----------| x2A|-2----3---------------------3---2-----3--------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------3-----|
e|---------------------------------|B|-----3-----3---------3-----3-----|G|---0-----0-----0---0-----0-----0-|D|-------0-----2---0-----0-----2---| x8A|-3-------------------------------|E|---------------------------------|
There's a slight variation at the end of the 8th time around, it's exactly like the and it goes like this
8th time around changes here (also PreChorus)e|-----------------------------|---------------------|B|----3-----3----------3-----3-|--------3-----3----3-|G|--0-----0-----0----0-----0---|--0---0-----0----0---|D|------0-----2----0-----0-----|0---2----------------|A|3----------------------------|----------2----3-----|E|-----------------------------|---------------------|
e|-0---0---0---0-|B|-3---3---3---3-|G|-0---0---0---0-|D|-0---0---0---2-| x2A|-2---3---2---0-|E|-0---0---0---0-|
There's also another slight variation at the end of the song (the last chorus) where he strumming. He is simply strumming the same chords he used to pick the chorus. It goes like this:
Song order goes: Intro/Chorus Catch me when I fall, I'm a lightweight baby get your hands up and keep them heartbeats heavy I love it when you call after midnight baby, get them lights low and keep the mouth sounds lower oh Verse 1 I'm chcking in my bags letting rain run down my face remembering the fact mmm, that your a longshot jackpot never worth the effort so I'll stop and you know I'm a fanatic for the fantastic fantasy and eloquent, unnecessary vocabulary and I drop words like you drop names yea it's all the same but I'm done sinning so I'm throwing out my inage alright PreChorus Your best bet is to back off and I don't think I stuttered Chorus Verse 2 I'm cashing in my checks still got no money to spend and god I'm such a wreck but still I wonder if the same damn love song never meant what I told you that night would we still be fighting PreChorus Chorus Bridge What did you think of me when you said you wanted anything other than me (I'm ready to go, I'm dying to leave, I'm ready to go, so don't think about me) What did you think of me when you said you wanted anything other than me Chorus 2x And that's it. Great song, and not too difficult if you can make any sense of this tab.
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