Misc Unsigned Bands - The Joe Pirret Experience - Your So Pretty tab

The Joe Pirret Experience - Your So Pretty

Basically the whole song is  G - D - C - G. one bar on each chord. the following lyrics
in around these chords. listen to the song and you'll understand right away to how to


the song will be up untill febuary 2007, then ill rotate the songs around so email me
the song and ill send it if your reading this after febuary


Your so pretty when your stoned,
Your so pretty When your drunk,
Your so pretty when you laugh,
Your So pretty when you cry
And When You say goodbye
When you say goodbye

Every Second of every hour of every day im thinking of you,
And what your doin and what your thinkin
What your drinkin or what your smokin
Who your jokin about
What your wearin and who your datin
What your seein , who your believin,
What you smell like
And Where you are.
I love you.
I love you.

There are some things that i dont understand
These things i keep inside my mind,
there i hope they'll fade away
never ever to escape me
but is it a possiblity
that you might feel the same bout me
ill take your silence for a no
pack my backs n then ill go
you dont care if its wrong or right
you just want me out of your sight
but dont you disagree dont lie
i can tell by that look in your eye
and dont go worrying about me now
not that you would any how
you want me gone im just a drag
im a freak, im a scumbag

im a scumbag
im a scumbag


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