Misc Unsigned Bands – Me And The Corpse Bride In Love - The Eternal Song tab

This my first tab. Its from a great great band called "Me and the corpse bride in love"


As i wrote this song,

i knew that i was creating somthing eternal and big...

CAPO 3rd:

[Am]               [Em]
I was writing this fucking song
[Am]               [Em]
Always singing loudly all alone
[Am]               [Em]
Dont know what to tell you all
[Am]               [Em]
Dont know what to write

Knew that I got to do something special...
Knew that I got to write something real...

[Am]               [Em]
I was sitting on my chair in a dirty bar
[Am]               [Em]
The gin was near but the hope was far
[Am]               [Em]
Watching empty glasses standing on the floor
[Am]               [Em]
I saw her coming through the door

Distorted guitar:
[C5] [G5]/[em]
[C5] [G5]

[C5]                        [em]
I took her by the hand and i fucked her all night long
[C5]                        [G5]
And after i loved her i was able to write this song
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