Misc Unsigned Bands - Fixxxman - My Love tab

This is the first song RH from Fixxxman ever wrote.

It's an easy pick-up song. The base/intro is the lead of the whole song.

It's also great when you play it with a second guitar player with the capo on the first or second fret.

Base/Intro  G – Em – D – C 
Break 1  G – C – D – C  (2x) / Break 2  G – C – D – C - G – D – C – Am 


This is the first song I ever wrote
About love and beauty
I wrote the lyrics and notes
So this song is special to me

G – Em – D – C (2x)

The earth is moving,
When I see your smile.
Your amazing beauty,
Makes it worth my while.

To be around you,
Every night and day.
That’s all I want to,
It makes the perfect day.

Your nice long hair,
Your beautiful body,
Your amazing flair,
You mean the world to me.

Break 1 (1x)

You make me feel good,
You make me glow inside.
When you are around me,
It just feels all right.

You make the sun shine brighter,
You make the flowers growing,
You make the stars look lighter,
So bad my cheeks start glowing.

When you wrap your arms around me,
And you kiss my cheek.
You make me feel so happy,
You make me feel unique.

Break 2 (2x)

So I want to thank you,
For all the things you do.
You make me always love you,
And every day I do

I love you dearly,
Trust you with my life
And maybe one day
You will be my wife
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