Misc Unsigned Bands - Fly - Im Not Your Perfect One tab

This is a song that I wrote (I'm still doing the solo) a few days ago and I'm organizing
band with a few friends called FLY (or it might end up being 666- because were all in
Grade), this is our first song (and might be our best or last!) and when we become 
(we might...) I hope this is still on here for people to use.  It's really good so I
what the heck- and wrote tab for it, ENJOY!  P.S. "FLY" stands for: Freaks Like You

^ =carrot= above the carrot symbol is strumming or whatever I indicated

~ = Hold until stops or next fret

/ = does not mean slide- I'm just separating stuff so it doesn't look like stuff like:
is the 1010 fret (not that there is one), it is just 2 tens, one right after another.

Bass intro(that I might tab)then play following slow 2 times then fast 4

This isIntro (kinda...), Pre- Chorus-, After Chorus-, Pre-verse----------------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------------|---------10-10/10/10/10/10/10~---------------13-13/13/13/13/13/13~----|-8-8-8(8)10-10/10/10/10/10/10~--10-10-10-(10)13-13/13/13/13/13/13~----|-8-8-8(8)8--8-/8-/8-/8-/8-/8~~--10-10-10-(10)11-11/11/11/11/11/11~----|-6-6-6(6)------------------------8--8--8--(8)-------------------------| ^^^^^- above is like strumming, same thing^^^^^^^- here
Verse------------------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------|-3/3------8/8------3/3------6/6------3/3------4/4-----3/3------4/4------|-3/3------8/8------3/3------6/6------3/3------4/4-----3/3------4/4------|-1/1------6/6------1/1------4/4------1/1------2/2-----1/1------2/2------|Where the carrot is it means strum 12 more times after you sing the last words to theand after that yell, Hey! right^there
In between each chord played 2 fast times are half a line to be sung (before and after comma, see lyrics) Chorus first play intro 2 times then
-----------------------------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|-10-10-10(10)-----------------------13-13-13-(13)----------------------|-10-10-10(10)10-10/10/10/10/10/10~--13-13-13-(13)10-10/10/10/10/10/10~-|-8--8--8-(8)-10-10/10/10/10/10/10~--11-11-11-(11)10-10/10/10/10/10/10~-|--------------8--8-/8-/8-/8-/8-/8~----------------8--8-/8-/8-/8-/8-/8~-|same thing strumming ^- here..............and...........^- here
--12/12/12/12--14/14/14/14--15/15/15/15--14/14/14/14-----------| X2--12/12/12/12--14/14/14/14--15/15/15/15--14/14/14/14-----------|---------------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------------|
That's about it, here's the order Intro (Bass) Intro X4 Verse1 Intro X2 Chorus X4 Intro X2 Verse2 Intro X2 Bridge Chorus X4 Intro X2 Verse3 Solo Intro X2 Chorus X4 Intro X4 (or X6 if you want to) and on the 4th or 6th time... Outro Here are the Lyrics Verse1 Just go on, Ya don't need me You can make it yourself, And now ya see If you leave me here, And that will be glee Now ya know it's true, I'm specialty~ Chorus And ya know that I can make it But ya see~ I'm not your perfect one! Verse2 I love you but, It sometimes ends You can understand that, It still depends I'm not the best, But you can test Then I think, It's all my mess~ Verse3 Now it's the end, Of you and me I'll make it so that, It's not so bad for the! There I go, but you say please And as I said..., I'm not your perfect one! Bridge It's not that hard you're being too depressed It's not that hard you're being too depressed It's not that big a deal I don't get it, what's up with you? It's not that big a deal I don't get it, what's up with you? That's completely it (Er... I guess 'cept for the solo, well anyway... um) have fun, rock out, and FLY
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