Misc Unsigned Bands - Woodbury Jazz Band - Tequila tab

[this is my idea of what the song is-what I figured out by ear, not from a book.This is 
first tab, so please excuse any mistakes. I tried to get as close to the actual rhythm 
I could.This is a nice, fairly easy, fun funk rock tune to jam with.]

*beginning part

Freely solo 2ND TIME THROUGH, skip to theme part 2 *theme(1)
E-0-55-3-7-3-5-0---0-55-3-7-3-5---]B---------------------------------]G---------------------------------] x2D---------------------------------]A---------------------------------]E---------------------------------]
*theme(2)E-0-5-7-8---5-0-5-7-8----5--0-5-7-8---5------5-]B--------------------------------------555555--]G----------------------------------------------]D----------------------------------------------]A----------------------------------------------]E----------------------------------------------]Repeat to beginning after shouting "TEQUILA" or ROOTBEER, or what ever is appropriate the time.
Second time through, play the intro part through once
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