Misc Unsigned Bands – Called To Say - Safety Within Insecurities tab

intro: EaddB E EaddB E A2, EaddB E EaddB E A B

E                 C#          B              A2
you're running now, trying to hide your face
E        C#           B       A2
you don't, want to be noticed
E                C#          B             A2
you're hiding now, afraid to take a chance
EaddB E C# B A2

E                  C#             B           A2  
the things you think are not as hard, as they seem
E                C#                     B    A2 
but still you're scared and don't know why

EaddB E C# B [distortion] A- hold, then palm-mute 

E           C#       B              A
you put your, safety in the hands of
E         C#        B    A
the perfect stranger
E               C#                  B   A
and what they say, affects what you do
E             C#        B            A
you stick your neck out, you want to get out

E C# B A2
clean E C# B A2
E               C#         B              A2     EaddB E
your running now, afraid to, take a chance
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