Misc Unsigned Bands - Apt E - Waste Away tab

			     Waste Away - Apt. E
This song is from a local band in Jonesboro, AR called Apt. E.  It was written and 
by Sean McGuire and Brian Nelson.

Tuning: Standard

Special Chords:

*E *A Cmaj7 *De|-----7-----| e|-----3-----| e|-----3-----| e|-----3-----|B|-----0-----| B|-----0-----| B|-----0-----| B|-----0-----|G|-----0-----| G|-----0-----| G|-----0-----| G|-----0-----|D|-----5-----| D|-----2-----| D|-----2-----| D|-----4-----|A|-----7-----| A|-----0-----| A|-----3-----| A|-----5-----|E|-----0-----| E|-----X-----| E|-----X-----| E|-----X-----|
Note: The C chord in this song (except in Chorus) is played with a hammer-on applied to E note on the D string. Em - G - C x2 Em You waste away, G C you waste away everything, Em there'll be pain G C but that's price we've got to pay Em to make a change G C so don't waste away [Chorus] Am C cause I can see it everyday G you want to walk away G and make a change Am C so baby, baby, baby don't you wait Em and let it waste away - G - C - Em I feel your pain G C I see it coming up on you Em so turn away G C I'm gonna help you make it through Em all the rain G C that's clouding up your days [2nd Chorus] Am C the sun will bring forth brighter days G it's gonna wash away G all your pain Am C G and I'll see a smile back on your face *E don't let it waste away [Bridge] *A - Cmaj7 - *D *E - *A - Cmaj7 - *D *E *A Cause I remember yesterday Cmaj7 when you told me you're okay *D I see the tracks still on your face *E left by the tears caused by the pain *A well love can bring you better days Cmaj7 take my hand I'll show you the way *D I'll never leave, forever stay *E now's our chance so don't waste away *A - Cmaj7 - *D *E - *A - Cmaj7 - *D - *E [3rd Chorus] Am C Cause I can see it everyday G you want to walk away G from all the pain Am C well look to me baby I'm the way Em don't let me waste away G-C-Em-G-C Em You waste away G C don't waste away everything
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