Misc Unsigned Bands – The Joe Pirret Experience - For Scotland Lads Renamed tab

The Joe Pirret Experience - For Scotland Lads!

Another piece in our Burns Campaign


C - G | Am | C - G | Am | C - G | Am | C - G | Am ||


C          G               Am
Scots, wha hae wi' Wallace bled,
C           G               Am 
Scots, wham Bruce has aften led,
C         G          Am 
Welcome to your gory bed,
C - G            Am  
      Or to Victorie! 

C         G                  Am
Now's the day, and now's the hour;
C       G               Am 
See the front o' battle lour; 
C            G              Am
See approach proud Edward's power- 
C - G                 Am
      Chains and Slaverie! 

C        G            Am
Wha will be a traitor knave?
C       G               Am 
Wha can fill a coward's grave?
C       G            Am 
Wha sae base as be a Slave?
C - G                  Am
      Let him turn and flee!
C        G                   Am
Wha, for Scotland's King and Law,
C         G                   Am 
Freedom's sword will strongly draw,
C        G                  Am 
Free-man stand, or Free-man fa',
C - G                Am
      Let him on wi' me! 

C        G               Am
By Oppression's woes and pains! 
C       G               Am
By your Sons in servile chains!
C       G                 Am 
We will drain our dearest veins,
C - G                   Am
      But they shall be free! 

C       G              Am
Lay the proud Usurpers low!
C       G             Am 
Tyrants fall in every foe! 
C    G             Am
Liberty's in every blow!-
C - G              Am
      Let us Do or Die! 

Cheers :D
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