Misc Unsigned Bands - The Channels - The Moon Song tab

Alright.. I know this isn't like super-exact.. but there were no chords/tabs for this 
at all, so I decided to figure it out. Here you go!

Artist: The Channels
Official Site: http://www.thechannelstheband.com/
Not to be mistaken for: http://www.channelstheband.com/
Song: The Moon Song

Standard Tuning

Capo 3

         F  C
All alone
G                                 F  C
Craters in my face, there she goes
The prettiest planet in space
              F  C
Does she know?
Does she even know that I exist,
           F  C
I'm up here
In eternal love-struck orbit.

Someday soon,
    Am                  C             F
The earth will orbit the moon and, say
           Am                       C
She'll appreciate the things that I do,
Like make waves
    Am                    Em ?
And keep things pretty at night
Under starlight forever
G                    F
We'll be together, alright

Then there's that solo part.. Either it doesn't sound too good on the guitar or I'm 
it wrong, but here it is anyway.

It's on the D string (3rd from the top)
(tabs relative to capo)
/ = slide

D|--2/4/2/4/2/4---5/7/5/7/5/7---9/10/9/10/9/10---10-5-11-13--| x3

then the fourth time is the same but has a different ending
D|--2/4/2/4/2/4---5/7/5/7/5/7---9-5-7-9-12--| x1

Then throughout the chorus there's this melody thing being played on one string of 
guitar and its sort of high pitched, so here's the basic tab for that..

No Capo

It's on the B string (5th string from the top)

I hope that was sufficient enough =)

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