Misc Unsigned Bands - The Reagans - Nancy Reagan tab

Intro: g,(hold) a, b,(hold) a, b, 
a, b, c,(hold) b, a, then repeat.

   (Stop playing and say)

   Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!

Play the power chords: G, D, E, and C, in that order.

 (Verse I)
I think that your so sexy, with your parenthecy, I'll end your Cold War, I'll be your 
???? me, ???? me, ???, I don't care about the ???? cause:

GG     DD     EE    CCC     GG         DD      EE    CC     CC
  I want to be a republican,  president in love with Nancy Reagan.

  (Verse II)
I'll buy you a ?? ??, bring down the Berlin Wall, I'll take you to ??, and I'll take you 
the nightroom ball, and give you the keys to the white house door. I don't need your 
cause: (Chorus)


GG B GG B GG CC E* CC E* CC DD F#* DD F#* DD CC BB AA BB: repeat, and sing:

 Don't want to like Maria Schriver, cause she's a democrat, unemployments 10% and my 
ratings zero to nine and dont care about Marylin Monroe, and all those first ladies, or Jackio.

 That's it!
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