A Glass Of Bitter Sweetness - A Sour Heart Made Of Gold tab with lyrics by Misc Unsigned Bands - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Misc Unsigned Bands – A Glass Of Bitter Sweetness - A Sour Heart Made Of Gold tab

Hi! This is my band's song!    LEGEND
                               . palm muted
Kevin Friesen/lead guitar      pb  partly bending upwards
standard tuning                

intro A E Dmaj7 E D Ae|------------------------0--0--2-------0--2--0--|B|------------------------2--0--2-------0--3--2-0|G|------------------------2--1--2-------1--2--2-2| then a quick switch to ED|-3----------------------2--2--0-------2--0--2-2| then to A.A|-3(30 downward strokes)-0--2--0-------2--0--0--|E|-1----------------------0--0--0-------0--0--0--|
main riff and chorus
e|----------------------------------| End on thisB|----------------------------------| G|-9---5---12pb after six storkes--7| G|--9-|D|-9---5---12pb after six strokes--7| D|--9-|A|-7---3---10pb after six strokes--5| A|--7-| E|-0---0----0----------------------0| x2 E|--0-|
pre chorus
e|B|---------------|G|---------------|D|-5--7--8--10-12|A|-3--5--6--8--10|E|---------------| . . .
Then you play the main riff a.k.a the chorus four times. solo might be added. this is a premature song. you play the chorus four more times. outro
there is my band's song. hoped you have liked it and not have REJECTED it.
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