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Tasty Jam

Introe-------------------------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------------------------------|G----------------------------------7-9-11-13-15b--------------|D-------------------------------------------------------------|A--0--x6---1--x2------x2--------------------------------------|E--0--------1-------------------------------------------------|play very soft/light
Main riffe----------------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------------|G------------------4-----4---------------------|D----4-4-4-4--------4--------------------------|A----------------------------4-----------------|E----------------------------------------------|
Solo The solo is played after the main riff, and when Dan wrote it, it was all ad lib. So I well never know how Dan wrote it. Lyrics Aidan: Dan stop! Dan: Sorry, sorry, sorry, I got it, my bad. My bad! Aidan: That was righteous. Dan: I hope this is the real one, cuz that was insanely righteous. Dan: Yes! Yes! That was the most righteous thing Ive ever heard in my life so I hope is all on tape. Aidan: It is. Dan: Rock on!
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