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Kiddie Ride on the Loose (This is the only song that features the keyboardist, Tim.)

IntroThe intro is a solo that goes something like this:e--------------------------------------------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------------------------------------------|G-----3h5-5--3-5-5-5-3-5-5-5-3-5-5-5-5-3-5-5-5-3-5-5-5-3-5-5-5-------------|D--------------------------------------------------------------------------|A--------------------------------------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Main riffe-----------------------------------------------|B-----------------------------------------------|G-----------------------------------------------|D---5---------4---------6-----------------------|A---5---x4---4--x2----6---x2--------------------|E---3---------2---------4-----------------------|
Lyrics Aidan: This. Is..Kiddie Ride Dan: On the Loose! Aidan: Oh yeah!.(walks into cymbal) Oww! Dan and Tim: (laughs) Aidan: Righteous! Yes! Aidan: Kiddie Ride! Dan: On the Loose! (shouts of Yes! and Yeah We Rock!) Aidan: Ok then, so all the kiddies on that ride ended up injured or in the hospital Dan: And rocked! Aidan: And their parents sued. Tim: And rocked out of their minds. Aidan: Yeah their parents sued thethingthe uhh Dan: Rock? Tim: The kiddie ride company. Dan: (laughs) Cuz it was way too on the loose for them. Aidan: That was the Big Hen Company. (big hen is an inside joke)
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