Misc Unsigned Bands - Red Day - Lim-mus tab

Hi! Here's the tab of the wonderful song Lim-Mus by Red Day. Hope you like it!!

Artist: Red Day
Song: Lim-Mus
Album: Neutrala Ankor
Track Number: 5
Tuning: Half step down.

Sounds good on an acoustic guitar or clean electric.

Intro:   (Listen to the song to get the rytm!)

Bm eb|-2--|Bb|-3--|Gb|-4--|Db|-4--|Ab|-0--|Eb|-0--|
Linus var en grabb som inte var som alla andra... G Em A Deb|-3----0---0---2--|Bb|-0----0---2---3--|Gb|-0----0---2---2--|Db|-0----2---2---0--|Ab|-2----2---0---0--|Eb|-3----0---0---0--|
Han var så jävla full varenda jävla dag...
G Em Am Eeb|-3----0---0---0--|Bb|-0----0---1---0--|Gb|-0----0---2---1--|Db|-0----2---2---2--|Ab|-2----2---0---2--|Eb|-3----0---0---0--|
Chorus: Men så en dag så blev han... C E G D A E C Outro: Men han var lika glad ändå... Just strum a G chord. If you find anything wrong just senda a emai lto firstbloodman@hotmail.com =)!
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