Misc Unsigned Bands - Hearts Of Passion - Little Tv tab

D                                 Bm7
Looking at the world through this little TV
Em7                 A7
Seeing the truth in red blue and green
D                        Bm7
I  donít know what would satisfy me
Em7               A7
looking at you or this little tv

D Em7 Bm7 A7

       D                             Bm7
and everybody is running around with all of their problems
Em7                             A7
not even thinking about the man next to him
D                                     Bm7
there could be somebody dieing in the gutter today
Em7                      A7
but nobody would notice becauseÖ.(hold) 

D                               Bm7
Thereís something bigger on the little tv
Em7                              A7
than the real life problems that surround me
D                   Bm7
nobody cares whatís going on around them
Em7                     A7
only whatís there when they change the channel

D              Bm7
Life isnít one your tv shows 
Em7                      A7      
change the channel when -ever you want
D                   Bm7
we gotta deal with whats going on 
      Em7                A7
no running away when com mercials come on

D Em7 Bm7 A7

D                                  Bm7
not every problem can be solved in half an hour
Em7                            A7
not every single person in the world has power
D                         Bm7
some people restricted by things they donít have 
Em7                            A7
but too many people just donít careÖ.

Chorus up 2 frets
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