Misc Unsigned Bands - Symphonic Haze - My Dearest Diamond tab

I thought that it was time that someone put up some tabs to THE BEST BAND EVER EVER, 
Haze.  Now, i don't know if these are right(though i'm sure most of it is) but when you 
it, it sounds good. so... here it is.

(Oh, i tabbed this off of the acoustic recording so, yeah)

           G               D
My dearest diamond, you've lost your shine.
           C             G       D
Behind the curtains, the failing light.
        G                   D
And now forever, behind the clouds.
            C          G      D
Without the raindrops, coming down.
There are no longer any flowers, they have
C    Cadd9    D Asus D
Died and gone away.

Verse:(i don't know the lyrics sorry)

G F C x12 (steve throughs in this little diddy before the F) 3 --------|C x 2 0 --------| 0 ----20--|G F C x2 0 --02----| 2 02------|C x2 3 --------|
G F C x2 Em C Cadd9 D Asus D And that's basically it. you can listen to the song and figure out the strumming and for yourself
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